The Future of Crypto Content Governance.

Community Governance

No one has done this before. Today's Crypto will run the first-ever content governance, which means that governance token holders will govern content quality on the platform alongside other proposals such as new features, etc. Your voting power equals up to the amount of TCG tokens held on the platform and in your connected wallet.

Revenue Sharing

We believe that participation is important for a healthy and fair governance. When voting on proposals as a TCG token holder, the voter will earn stablecoins such as USDT for doing so. 10% of all platform earnings will go to a "Governance Reward Pool," which will be distributed to all holders participating in the voting. Rewards are distributed in proportion to the voter's voting power.

Snapshot On-chain Voting

Before every governance proposal, a snapshot will take place to determine the voting power of every token holder/voter. To keep it fair, there will be no communication in advance when the snapshots will occur. All voting will be on-chain for everyone to review.

The TCG Governance Token

The TCG Token is the primary tool for governing and voting on Today's Crypto. The TCG token is an ERC-20 token thriving on the Polygon Mainnet. For more info about the token, contracts, and the whitepaper, click HERE.

Implementation Timeline

The architecture is under development and will be implemented gradually to ensure a safe and fair rollout. We have yet to set a date for when the governance module will be completed and deployed to the polygon mainnet, but we aim to have a first working version in place before the end of 2024.